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Whether its inter-departmental competition you’re looking for or just getting the entire family together for some fun, there is a variety of activities to enjoy, such as softball, volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, bocce, ping pong and shuffle board. You may choose to relax by the pool, or go for a swim. Many people just enjoy sitting next to the beautiful lakefront or finding a shade tree to lie under for a while. Whether it’s challenging a family member to a game of horseshoes, or watching the children play volleyball, there’s something to do for the entire family. Facilities are near each grove. All the equipment is provided for use, just bring a baseball glove and a towel for the pool.

By far, some of the most energetic and activity filled parties we hold are for those in their golden years. Every Tuesday through Thursday in the months of July and August we hold special picnics for senior citizen clubs and retiree organizations. The customary outdoor picnic starts the day only to be replaced late afternoon by a served, restaurant like dinner in our spacious air conditioned dining room. End the day by cooling off with a delicious meal, after all the swimming, dancing, and activities you can handle, or just relax by our cozy 3 acre pond. Enjoy the fresh air, food and fun.

Don’t forget about the holiday and seasonal theme parties we offer. October is for Fallfest. Herald in the holidays in December at our holiday parties. Year round fun for all retirees and seniors is always available.